Board of Operators



The HCO Board of Operators is responsible for selecting the annual opera, choosing the productions' directors and producers, organizing events, and generating enthusiasm around campus for the organization and for the art of opera.

Madeleine Snow '20 President

Jessica Shand '21 Vice President of Management

Benjamin P. Wenzelberg '21 Vice President of Arts

Samuel Rosner '20 Vice President of Events

James Rose '22 Treasurer

Katherine Courtemanche '21 Alumni Relations

Nivi Ravi '21 Fall Recital Coordinator

Jarod Stone '21 Spring Recital Coordinator

Jonathan Castillo '21 Social Chair

Serena Chen '22 Gala Chair

Yasmin Luthra '21 Publicity Chair

Faith Ng '22 Technical Liaison

Natalie Choo '22 Social Media Coordinator

Cara Kupferman '20 Website Coordinator

Alexander Chen '22 Historian